Thursday, August 15, 2013

More landscaping and chickens

I've decided that this weather can stay for at least a few months, then we can go straight into fall and back into this afterward. Beautiful!

This is what the house currently looks like. Some dog-walking neighbors have complimented how it looks, which makes us feel pretty good. (=

The side flower bed is filling out now and the Creeping Jenny is finally creeping. 

Our lovely front porch. I feel a bit like a senior citizen at times - we love to sit on the porch at night and people watch! Note the giant mosquito-repelling citronella plant and the pallet table we crafted together. Cool stuff. 

And these are the ladies. Last night we extended their run so its now as long as the garage. Spoiled. You probably don't care to know too much about them, but you can suffer through it (or scroll down). The gray, timid one in the back is Fifa, a Blue Orpington. The one to the right of her is Turkey and she is a Welsummer. Her colors are beautiful. Fun fact: The original Kellogg's rooster was a Welsummer! The one close to the wall is Cheeky or Cheeks or Cheekers - whatever I feel like at the moment. She's the Easter Egger that gives us blue eggs. Easter Eggers have little feathers sticking out of their cheeks which make them look very puffy - hence the name(s). The one closest to you is Red, and she's just a red sex-link - very friendly though! The last black and white one is Tiny. She came from my cousin in New York and I'm pretty sure she is a Plymouth Rock. Red will eat out of my hand and I'm getting Turkey there too. Cheek(y/ers/s) is starting to come closer, but really just wants to check out any buttons I may have on my clothing or nail polish on my fingers.

Check out the eggs! So fun! Those are light blue but it's a little hard to tell in that lighting. The little ones are Turkey's. I'm hoping they get a bit bigger since she just started laying. That odd pinkish one could be Fifa's. I haven't confirmed that yet. That would be her first! The others are Red's.

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