Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little things

Here are a few new things since last time:

This is the fan in our bedroom. I love that the glass is wavy which makes the light look beautiful on the ceiling!

Andrew installed our nest (thanks, Mom and Dad). Hopefully this will cut down on our heating bill, since we have lovely oil heat.

This is what our kitchen hardware looks like. It's from www.Ebuilderdirect.com 

The second bedroom's floor after a good clean, courtesy of Pinterest.

Our kitchen sink and faucet, which is now fully functional!

A utensil divider that Barry made. Forget plastic.

Last night he also installed the backsplash in the kitchen. It looks great!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Counter Top Day!

Barry built the counter tops this week and we installed them today. He also put in the sink and faucet. It took me forever to pick out a faucet so I'm hoping it's a good one! The counter top is Wilsonart Bella Capri, and the sink is a Thermocast sink.

Kelly and Darren stopped by tonight and helped paint the second bedroom and did some work on the hardwood. The color of the second bedroom is Bare Skin by Easy Care (True Value brand). It's an antique white/cream-ish color.

I just have to say that I love my husband and I love watching him figure all of the structural/mechanical things that I am lost about. I am so proud of him for all of the hard work he has put into our home. I can't wait for him to be able to come home from work, sit down, and relax!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm so glad I had a day off work to be productive! Yesterday started off with a vet visit for Cooper. It wasn't exactly fun, but he was a good sport!

Barry took a half day of work and came to help me with the painting. He worked on getting final coats of ceiling paint on while I did the second coat of Pewter Mug in the living room.

My mom came yesterday afternoon to join the painting crew, and we were able to knock out both coats in our bedroom. We used Pecan Sandie, the same color as the kitchen. 

Cooper was not happy to be blocked out of the bedroom while we painted and he whined to let us know it!

After my mom left, Barry and I got the first coat on the dining room. The color is Claire de Lune.

Barry also started the carpet removal. THE HARDWOOD IS BEAUTIFUL! There is a little discoloration in some places, but we're going to keep it the way it is. After a good clean I think they'll really look fantastic. I can't wait to see the rest!

Aaaand here's a picture of my boys, just because it's adorable. (=

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our goal of bring in by the end of the month is looking very possible right now! I feel like we got a lot accomplished in the past few days. 

On Thursday night, my parents came over and primed the living room ceiling and walls and I finished up paint in the kitchen. 

On Friday, Barry and one of his coworkers installed our kitchen cabinets! Our friend, Jonny, spent all day there as well, helping with the installation, priming our bedroom and putting first coats of paint on the bedroom and living room ceilings. 

On Saturday, my mom came over and we primed the dining room and put second coats of ceiling paint on the bedroom and living room. I painted the living room - love how it turned out! Barry spent the day working on the kitchen, putting on doors and putting in shelving. He also put up our kitchen sink light and one of the living room lights. 

Behr Pewter Mug

 If you ever need lighting, check out www.qualitydiscountlighting.com .. I was a little skeptical at first because their prices were so low, but I love the lights we got and they came quickly. I think i put in a plug for them before, but I really like the lights, now that they're up.


Let me just say how excited I am about my kitchen! It is incredible. I'm going to wait until the counter tops are installed and everything is ready before I show you the finished project. I'll give this little teaser though .. ( ;

I was going to do this update last night, but my arms were killing me! It must have been all of that ceiling painting yesterday. Pathetic, I know, but once you use muscles you haven't used in a while, it's so painful!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Short and sweet

The painting has begun! Barry and I did the first coat on the kitchen tonight. Exciting stuff! Hopefully we can keep cruising along. In case you're curious, we are using Behr paints and the color of the kitchen is Pecan Sandie. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More progress is being made! On Friday, Barry and Jonny installed our kitchen floor! The picture gives you an idea of the texture, but not so much the color. 

On Saturday, Barry and I were able to prime the kitchen and second bedroom (I'm trying to stop with the "creepy" room). We spent a good deal of time at Home Depot and came back with paint for the ceilings, kitchen, our bedroom, dining room, and living room. Stay tuned for colors!

(the first stroke)

We will probably start painting tomorrow night and when the rest of the drywall has been sanded and finished completely, we'll move onto the other rooms.
My knobs and pulled served on Saturday, and the kitchen is scheduled to be installed on Friday. I cannot wait to see it start coming all together!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The drywall hanging phase is complete! The kitchen and one of the bedrooms are ready for priming, so that will start tomorrow. The kitchen is all painted and assembled, so I ordered knobs and pulls and picked out the sink I would like. We also chose a countertop. Maybe next weekend installation can start? Things are looking good! (=

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The kitchen just needs sanded and then it is ready for primer!

My sister and brother-in-law came to help on Saturday. Darren and Barry finished drywalling the ceiling. Now it's just walls to put up, which Barry and I can do. After that, it's finishing and priming!

Although we are not starting fresh on the bathroom like the rest of the house, it still needs updated. We scraped off the top layer of wallpaper and backing, and now it's a lovely 60's flower pattern. We are going to end up wallpapering over that wallpaper - a sin, I know. There honestly aren't too many more options. When we want to really redo the bathroom, we will take down the walls. That's a project for a later date!

Cooper sat and observed all day. Such a good dog! (=

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The drywall is now all hung in both bedrooms in addition to the kitchen! Jared came and started finishing the rooms. 

 Barry and his dad got a drywall lift and used it to put the ceiling in the living room up. Instead of tearing that down, we are just going over ceilings with new drywall. 

Now we are on to the walls in the living room. My expectations may be high, but I believe we will be finished with all of the drywall hanging in a couple of days. Then it's finishing the finishing and on to paint! 

The best news of all (in my opinion) is that we added a member to our family! This is Cooper. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and I am already in love with him! His eyebrows make him look kind of grumpy, but he is the sweetest little thing I have ever met! (=