Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little things

Here are a few new things since last time:

This is the fan in our bedroom. I love that the glass is wavy which makes the light look beautiful on the ceiling!

Andrew installed our nest (thanks, Mom and Dad). Hopefully this will cut down on our heating bill, since we have lovely oil heat.

This is what our kitchen hardware looks like. It's from www.Ebuilderdirect.com 

The second bedroom's floor after a good clean, courtesy of Pinterest.

Our kitchen sink and faucet, which is now fully functional!

A utensil divider that Barry made. Forget plastic.

Last night he also installed the backsplash in the kitchen. It looks great!


  1. The house looks GREAT!! Can't wait for all those wiffleball tournaments ;-)

  2. You have a stunning fan, Becca! You see, the light effect towards the ceiling looks awesome. It brightly illuminates the room, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Where did you get it? That's certainly a great addition to your bedroom!