Sunday, December 9, 2012

Since we've last talked ...

… some momentous things have occurred. We finished the last of the demolition (we think)! 

Andrew (my brother) works for Spring Garden Electric and has begun electrical work in the house. Since the vast majority of the house is knob and tube, he has quite a task! The inspector told us the electrical was mostly all updated in the house, which obviously isn't true. Andrew did all of the wiring in the kitchen, and put boxes everywhere else in the house where we want outlets. There's a perk of redoing the walls, right? 

While running wires through the ceiling, he found this lovely little fellow. I honestly don't mind them much, as long as they stay behind the insulation in the attic and don't come out in the open. We'll just have to find the hole and take away their "hang out" spot. Sorry, bats!

 Our friends, Jimmy and Jonny came over this weekend to help us with some things. They put down the sub-flooring in the kitchen, which means we are definitely on to the rebuilding process! Yay! Andrew continued work on the wiring, Barry gathered up all of the trim that we are getting rid of and took it to be burned, and I washed my car. There's another plus to owning a house! (= 

Jonny cutting things to size.

 Jimmy being handy with the nail gun.

 The last piece of sub-flooring going in!

I realized this weekend that even though things are more involved than we originally planned, there are quite a few things to be thankful for. If it weren't for our family and friends, we would be far behind where we currently are. We have yet to spend a day at the house where we are the only ones there - there is always someone there to help. You really do find out who your friends are when it comes to the point where you could use the help! Another thing I'm thankful for is that the weather isn't typical December weather. Thank goodness for warmer days where we don't have to turn on the heat in the house to work and that it isn't bitterly cold when we need to be outside. 

Now I have this week's dinners prepped for the crockpot and freezing in the freezer, and it's time to bring on week number two!

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