Monday, December 17, 2012

This past week I was made aware that there were quite a few people who read this blog and have no idea what the house looks like! Sorry!

I feel like we got a good chunk of things accomplished this weekend. On Saturday, we finished our Christmas shopping - yay! Friends Isaiah and Jimmy came to help out as well as my brother-in-law, Darren, and brother, Andrew. Yes, we had a crew. The house is almost completely insulated now! The only places we have yet to insulate are a few spots where wiring still needs to be taken care of.



This is our room ...

… part of the living room ...

… kitchen … 

Andrew installed our recessed lighting in the kitchen. 

And we finished the night off with a Santa Claus Christmas parade!

We also spent some time at Home Depot and Lowes choosing lighting fixtures. We got some exterior motion-sensored lights and a ceiling fan/light for our bedroom. I was so excited to find this light for our dining room for way less than the asking price of $220!
Next on the agenda is drywalling. If you are reading this or know someone that really has an itch to install drywall, we can scratch that itch for you. Come on over! (=

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  1. Wow, you guys are moving along quickly! Your house is super cute....and I love the new chandelier you found!