Monday, December 3, 2012

Tearing it up

Well, you've seen the before pictures. This is the house in various stages over the past five days. I'd say we've done some serious damage in a short amount of time! Things really do get worse before they get better. I keep telling myself all of this work will be so worth it in the end. Tonight was more trim-yanking, nail-pulling, and debris-cleaning. I saw some more of the hardwood under the carpet in the bedrooms and can't get enough of it! I can't wait to show you what it looks like once we take that nasty carpet off.

These first two pictures are of the kitchen being gutted.

This load from the kitchen was taken to my brother-in-law's to burn. 

Two of my brother's friends killing our bedroom walls. I can't say how much I appreciated the work they put in yesterday!

 My brother, Andrew, checking outlets.

Barry taking the trim off the walls. It's some pretty old stuff that adds a lot of character, so he was trying really hard not to ruin it. There were only a few pieces he had to lay to rest.

 Window weights, anyone?


Our bedroom after the exterior walls had been removed.

Our clean up crew for tonight! (=

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